How Do I Access My Verizon Net Account?

If you try accessing your email account after a very long time then, let us tell you that if you’re applying the login process on the ‘ email login page', you won’t be able to get to your Verizon account. This is because, in 2017, Verizon got itself out of the email business and shifted the whole focus towards providing only the TV and internet services.
But, not to disappoint you, they have decided to change the way for accessing the login email page . Basically, they have shifted their webmail service over two separate services so; all the Verizon users out there now have to access your Verizon email accounts through the AOL app or Yahoo app by the following ways:
  • To access your email from the AOL app, visit this AOL Login link “” and there, enter the login credentials that are associated with your Verizon account.
  • Similarly, to access your email through the Yahoo app, directly visit this Yahoo Login link “” and enter the password and email address of your Verizon account.
That’s it! These are the two ways with which you can access your email account
easily just by entering your correct Verizon login details.
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