What is Yahoo Mail Pro?

Yahoo mail is getting a renovation, a new updated version called  Yahoo Mail Pro  has been released by Yahoo including the latest, updated features, new UI and enhanced performance. Here are some of the attributes of Yahoo mail pro.
  • Quicker and enhanced than the former version
  • Advance performance for low-bandwidth users
  • Easily manageable and dependable
  • Decreases the memory used by the browser
It’s made in a way that it provides quickness to the developers in terms of updates. Users love the component of personalized features with several color themes to pick from. Yahoo mail new features come with a change in response as per the time of the day.
The search feature in Yahoo pro has been improved which is a minus point in other mail services. You can search with the name, keyword, and date.
Moreover, the feature of accessing and viewing the earlier sent and received files has been improved. In this new UI, the left side panel includes the photos and documents. It will show all the sent attachments in one single place.
However, the crucial thing which left out in this new updated version is Ad free mails. Yahoo mail pro will have no ads also includes Yahoo customer support. But the Ad-free mail version is available with the $49.99 for a year where the Yahoo mail pro will be available at $34.99 per year.
There are other small modification was made in the latest version such as rich preview, improved search mode personalization of display screen and more.
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